Technique and Choreography 
Class Cancellations: All students are required to pre-register at least 24 hours prior to the class or they may find the class is cancelled the night before. A minimum of 5 students is required for a class to run
Classes are closed once capacity is reached and a wait list will be started.

*Intermediate and advanced level lessons available upon request. 
**Beginners class at different time and date available upon request. 

Our Flamenco Dance Classes prepare students for the technical, artistic, and mental challenges  by introducing them to the vast repertoire of flamenco dance. Emphasizes a strong foundation focusing on proper placement, technical precision, musicality, and artistic confidence. Creates the optimal conditions for learning by building and nurturing a mentoring relationship between student and teacher that is based on trust and respect.
Allows students to achieve excellence in a manner that increases their self-confidence to aid them as they face challenges in other areas of their lives.
Creates a non-threatening yet highly disciplined environment in the studio that emphasizes positive reinforcement to stimulate immense personal growth and progress. Shares the teachers' passion for flamenco with students in a way that inspires each of them to pursue their own passions and goals.

Francine La Rubi and students
*Beginner Class will learn the basic techniques of flamenco dance like zapateado, arms, body technique, spins and turns, balance, moves...We will study this semester Tangos Choreography.

**Intermediate Class going to be the same level (Choreography) of intermediate on Sunday and Wednesday. We will study this semester Bamberas Choreography and general body technique. More information about this Palo / rhythm you receive in class.

*** Technique Class:  I recommend for the students this program with the understanding that a strong foundation in technique will lead to the creation of more precise and successful choreographies.  We will study general body techniques and besides I will add different techniques like fan, shawl, cane (baston) that we will practice during the semester.

Private lessons available upon request. 

To secure your spot, please fill the Registration Form and Email Francine La Rubi at for payment information.

Dress Code
Women: Flamenco shoes and flamenco skirts are required for the class. If you do not have them you can substitute the flamenco shoes with any closed shoe with a thick medium sized heel and you can use any long skirt or a gymnastic pants. Comfortable top (example: t-shirt, tank top or leotard, and leggings underneath.)  
Hair pulled back and minimum jewelry.
Men: Pants, flamenco shoes, or ankle boots, and T-shirt.

Flamenco shoes

I recommend this brands for your flamenco shoes. The quality of your flamenco shoes can be a huge difference in your performance. Remember that flamenco dancers are also musicians!
Menkes New York -
Gallardo Dance  -
Begoña Cervera  -
Artefyl -

Please contact me if you have any questions at We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.