lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

Flamenco is the heart and soul of Spain!

Flamenco is a art that was influenced from many cultures that passed through my beloved country Spain. The heart and soul of a nation.

The origins of flamenco are still uncertain, and they have been lost through the centuries in a tangled web of influences and contributions from various civilizations. It is highly probable that flamenco singing and dancing originated in Andalucia toward the 15th century, during the Gypsies' encounter with the inhabitants of south­ern Spain. It continues to be extremely difficult to trace the origin of these wandering populations who, when they arrived in the region of Andalucia, were bearing with them a culture that was a mix­ture of Arabic-Egyptian, Jewish and Indian influences (which is obvious, for example, in the gentle and voluptuous movements of the dancers' bodies and arms).