jueves, 27 de agosto de 2015

Flamenco Classes in Houston with Francine La Rubi

I will start to teach at Flamenco Room in the new location at Stella Link Rd, Houston. 
The flamenco classes begin Wednesday September 9
photo by Hector Amaya
The fisrt part of the class we will study general technique. You can learn the basic techniques of flamenco, zapateado, arms, body technique, spins and turns, balance, moves... Ideal to settle down the basics of flamenco dance.  You will understand how a dance is structured, which parts form it and how can they be ordered. You will discover important keys. I recommend for the students these program with the understanding that a strong foundation in technique will lead to the creation of more precise and successful choreographies. With this class you can practice the technique and learn how to dance alegrías, tangos, bulerías, fandangos, solea... The second part of the class will study choreographies from different  flamenco "palos".  Together with technique and choreography, you will learn the rhythm, dance structure, song and history of flamenco.

Hope see you there!